A six grader girl with an open mind but not so open personality.

Having what seems to be an emotionless face, Ming Lan rarely smiles which makes her look somewhat shy. She isn't as innocent and obedient as she may look.

Background Edit

Immediately abandoned at an orphanage after birth. She lived with many different families who abused her before she turned 11, she was then adopted to Julian’s household. After being kicked out of it and supposedly killed, Mrs. Shang, a benefactor of the charity found her and saw the resemblance between her and her late daughter and immediately adopted her into the Shang family.

Personality Edit

Having been abandoned at a young age. She lived with many different families who constantly abuses her, causing her to be distrustful and cold. She also knows about survival and karate

Appearance Edit

Ming lan is considered as an extremely beautiful young girl who attracts all attention with her beauty. She has saphire blue eyes with a hints of sky blue. long, natural grayish blue hair and slender figure. Her skin is very pale.

Story Edit

She has been an orphan since a young age and accidentally stumbled upon Julian resting in a field of flowers. She tried to ask whether or not he was an angel by writing the word but misspelled it as "Angla" which became his nickname for her. She was then kicked out of the head of Julian's house and was supposed to be killed but Mr. Johnson intervened and set her free instead.

She was transferred to another orphanage and tried to run away again only to stumble upon Mrs. Shang and was then adopted by her.